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Fertilizer Terrorists Fingered Intelligence Agencies

May 3, 2007
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The media frenzy surrounding the conviction of five terror suspects in the UK this week has failed to underline the fact that once again the so called terrorists have direct links to intelligence agencies.

At the end of a year-long terror trial on Monday five men were given life sentences for a foiled plot to build a huge fertilizer bomb for a UK attack.

Although there has been a relentless focus on the fact that these men were connected to the 7/7 bombers, the fact that they are directly connected to Pakistani intelligence as well as British intelligence has been skirted over.

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China uses chips in dog crackdown

May 3, 2007
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The Chinese authorities in an area of Beijing have begun implanting digital chips into dogs in a bid to cut down on the number of unregistered dogs. Chips the size of a rice grain are being injected into the necks of dogs in a pilot project in the Xicheng district, Xinhua news agency reports.

The chip contains details of the dog’s breed, birth, inoculations and owner.

China implemented a “one-dog” policy back in November as part of a campaign to tackle a surge in rabies cases.

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Terror attacks increase, says US

May 3, 2007
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The number of people killed around the world in terror attacks rose by 40% last year to more than 20,000, the US State Department has said. The increase is mostly due to greater violence in Iraq the State Department’s annual report on terrorism says.

Iran is listed as the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, supporting extremist groups throughout the Middle East but particularly in Iraq.

Venezuela is criticised for allowing Colombian rebels to use its territory.

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Power station harnesses Sun’s rays

May 3, 2007
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It is Europe’s first commercially operating power station using the Sun’s energy this way and at the moment its operator, Solucar, proudly claims that it generates 11 Megawatts (MW) of electricity without emitting a single puff of greenhouse gas.

It works by focusing the reflected rays on one location, turning water into steam and then blasting it into turbines to generate power.

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