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Building a North American Union Conspiracy | July 6, 2007

The deniers, white washers, shills, and propaganda masters are purposely misleading the public into believing that that the North American Union is a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, most people are too busy or lazy to care and check it out for themselves. Some of the articles debunking the NAU do little of the sort, but even bad propaganda can fool the people. The NAU is being kept secret in the sense that working groups are meeting without public participation or knowledge in some cases, and are conducting business without debate or oversight. Wouldn’t the NAU require massive amounts of legislation with new agencies and institutions having to be created? The whole point is to bypass this process. It is through these working groups that the NAU is being formed with unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats assuming the power. In fact, the only legislation that has been introduced by Congress or state legislatures is resolutions to block the NAU. The push for total amnesty, open borders, and the NAU will continue even with the Senate recently blocking the immigration bill. When one starts to read the documentation pertaining to the creation of an NAU, they will find out for themselves that it is much worse than I or others are reporting.


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