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7/7 survivors are ‘the forgotten’

July 6, 2007
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Survivors of the 7 July London bombings say officials have made them feel like “the forgotten people”.
Speaking to BBC London to mark the second anniversary of the tragedy, they spoke of their difficulty in trying to gain compensation for their injuries.

They also reiterated their demands for a public inquiry into the bombings on the city’s transport network, which killed 52 people and injured hundreds.

The government said the victims had always been “very high on the agenda”.

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Fertilizer Terrorists Fingered Intelligence Agencies

May 3, 2007
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The media frenzy surrounding the conviction of five terror suspects in the UK this week has failed to underline the fact that once again the so called terrorists have direct links to intelligence agencies.

At the end of a year-long terror trial on Monday five men were given life sentences for a foiled plot to build a huge fertilizer bomb for a UK attack.

Although there has been a relentless focus on the fact that these men were connected to the 7/7 bombers, the fact that they are directly connected to Pakistani intelligence as well as British intelligence has been skirted over.

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