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US group ‘plotted bloody coup in Laos’

June 19, 2007
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A group plotting to overthrow the Communist government of Laos hatched an elaborate 90-day plan to oust and possibly assassinate the country’s leaders by bombing official buildings and shooting down aircraft, according to US court documents.

The 18 pages of documents, entitled Operation Popcorn: A Comprehensive Plan of Action, disclosed that the California-based would-be revolutionaries outlined a $28 million (£14 million) budget for Stinger missiles, AK-47 rifles and local mercenaries to topple the Laos government before shutting off access to the country.

They then planned to establish martial law in the capital, Vientian, using around 1,000 security forces, before bringing democracy to the country.

The audacious plan came to light after last week’s arrest in the US of an 11th suspect, Dang Vang, 48, a member of California’s Hmong community and the author of Operation Popcorn, according to prosecutors.


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