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Michael Moore vs. Wolf Blitzer – Day 2

July 13, 2007
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The continuation of yesterday’s Blitzer Day Massacre involved a lot of Wolf kissing Michael Moore’s arse. While not as many fireworks as yesterday this is well worth the watch for Moore’s last second comment to Blitzer which is priceless to say the least.


Michael Moore slams CNN, Wolf Blitzer on live TV

July 12, 2007
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Before a live interview with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, CNN aired a segment entitled “Sicko Reality Check” in which Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the network’s chief medical correspondent, aimed to keep Moore “honest” and fact check his new film, Sicko.

The 4-minute piece concluded that Moore “did fudge the facts,” and implied that Sicko was misleading in portraying health care systems in other countries, such as France, the UK, and Canada, as better than the one in the US.

When given a chance to speak, Moore immediately put host Wolf Blitzer on the defensive.

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