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Secret Nuremberg Notebooks

June 21, 2007
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“In 1946 several key members of Hitler’s Nazi army sat it Nuremberg jails waiting to be tried for their involvement in the Holocaust. For fear that the prisoners would conspire among themselves; each man lived in seclusion, was kept to a strict schedule and was under observation 24 hours a day. No outside visitors were allowed – except for Leon Goldensohn. An American psychiatrist, he was charged with interviewing the Nazi officials on trial. In the privacy of their cells, Goldensohn spent time with each prisoner and kept a detailed record of his conversations in a series of notebooks, which, after his premature death, were lost. Now, reunited for the first time since his passing over 20 years ago, this absorbing documentary traces the steps of Goldensohn’s exploration through his writing and takes us to the cells of four Nazi dignitaries: Herman Goring, second in command of the Third Reich; Hans Frank, Governor-General of Occupied Poland; Julius Streicher, publisher of Nazi Der Stürmer newspaper and Rudolf Hoss, commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp. With each visit Goldensohn attempted to uncover the feelings and motivations of these men. Did they feel guilt when faced with the horrors they are responsible for? Are the ordinary men who have been led astray or dangerous psychopaths? This arresting doc allows for a rare glimpse into Goldensohn’s analysis while providing precious insight into the Nuremberg Trials.”

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